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“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”


Anatole France






Shu Mei

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Phoebe & Lincoln




Arina & Aerenia

"It has been a pleasure to know Andy about his passion towards and knowledge in animal rehabilitation. My golden retriever, Cola has been under Andy rehabilitative therapy since July 2019 and Cola has shown tremendous improvement in both his hind and front left joint mobility and flexibility. What I really appreciate is as a owner, I have to work closely with Andy on Cola’s diagnosis and therapy routine. Andy is very professional to customise the rehab exercises according to his prognosis and he will regularly review Cola’s progress and propose the exercise or regime suitable for his current situation."

"I have known Andy for several years and I would say he is the best person to look for if you are looking at physiotherapy for your pet! He is always friendly and approachable and even go the extra mile for his clients! What’s more is that my corgi, Peanut loves him a lot!! Seen improvement in Peanut’s hip dysplasia condition, and does better each time. He will even offer you advices whenever you need to. Furthermore his rates are reasonable! Highly recommend him and keep it up at what you are doing!"

"Phoebe and Lincoln are in Andy’s Dog Sports Physio programme since Dec 2019 and in that short span of time, the improvement in their muscle condition is obvious. Each dog being different, Andy is able to customise the exercises according to their different physiques and temperaments and the result - greater muscle mass and muscle tone.

I appreciate Andy’s professionalism and his willingness to explain what he is doing. He is kind and very patient especially when Phoebe decides that she rather lie down than to exercise. Most importantly, both Lincoln and Phoebe adore Andy."

"Andy was very professional in his prognosis of my dog’s condition which could not be determined via an X-ray. After a few sessions, my dog showed tremendous improvements! From limping on 3 legs to now walking on 4 with a more equal weight distribution on his legs. Andy was very patient with my dog when he was being uncooperative during some exercises and managed to tweak it to suit him. He also gave good advice regarding additional things we can do to help Furby’s condition (food, massage). Thank you Andy!"



"We consulted Andy for second opinion and alternative treatment after a spinal CT scan was done on our dog for weakness in his hind legs. The vet recommended a spinal surgery but it is a very major one and we were worried that his quality of life after that may be worse off.

Andy is a very sincere and dedicated therapist. From the very first consultation we had with him, there was no rush and he spent time trying to understand and assess my dog's condition before suggesting a treatment program. Apart from physical treatment, he also provides advise in nutrition etc to help manage the condition. I am glad to have gotten Andy as my dog's therapist as my dog's condition has improved a lot in 2 months without us having to put him through a surgery."




"I’ve known Andy for a few years and I can guarantee that as a physiotherapist, he will put his best efforts into the rehabilitation for your pet. He first met my dog while he was working at Canine Wellness and Rehabilitation Centre. His charges are reasonable plus you do not need to travel. Keep up the good work!"

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"I was looking for a physiotherapist who does house-call for my senior dog who suffers from muscle atrophy. Glad to have found Optimus Animal Rehab. Dropped them an email and received a reply real fast. From the first assessment, Andy was very professional and patient. He explained in detail his plans for my dog and I can tell he genuinely cares for her. I see a significant improvement with my dog even though we just started our journey with him. Highly recommended."


Siew Mai

Justin & Nicole

Siew mai have been limping for quite some time and we got quite worried since she was still quite young.

Engaging Optimus Animal Rehabilitation was probably one of the best decisions we made. Andy and Zu Shin are both knowledgeable in animal physiology and have shared much important information with us to ensure we take care of Siew Mai’s leg.

After going through a few sessions of rehab, Siew mai is no longer limping and is building up her muscles to balance out both hind legs in order to make sure the limping doesn’t come back.

I’d definitely recommend them as a second (or even first) opinion after you’ve seen the vet. The wide range of skills and techniques will be able to help our pets in rehab one way or another.

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"Thank you would be just be an understatement for Andy, in fact he is incredible.
He accurately assessed Lucky's condition within half an hour of his first visit which reputable vets can't do so despite keeping Lucky hospitalised for a week.
He gave advised on the dos and don't for the care of Lucky. All of these on his first visit with us. Andy has raise the bar of pet care to the next level.
Hats off to his genuine care and concern for the pets. Keep up with your dedication to the pets and continue to put your heart to your inborn qualities.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

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