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45 minutes

Hydrotherapy is the usage of therapeutic use of water to aid the conditions of your animal. The buoyancy and resistance helps to strengthen muscle builds and endurance without placing too much stress onto the joints. With the guidance of our therapists, your animals learn to engage to correct muscles to increase the range of motion and function.


* Note that this service will carried out at designated canine hydrotherapy center.

Suitable for animals with pre-existing medical conditions that requires rehabilitation interventions

Begin Your Pets Rehab Journey



Drop us a call/ WhatsApp Message


Our therapist will answer any questions you have about how is animal rehabilitation beneficial for your pet, a questionnaire will be sent to you for us to gather essential information about your pet.


Get a referral form from your Vet


You can download the vet referral form from our website or request a copy from us. Simply have the vet to fill up the details and send it to us via email/Whatsapp.


Arrange for a comprehensive consultation with us


The comprehensive consultation will consist of a full physical assessment. Together with the referral form and the questionnaire, our therapist will design a customised program that is suitable for your pet’s unique condition.


Rehab journey begins!


Our therapist will be there with you throughout the journey and constantly educating you on the condition of your pet and what is the best way to provide care for him/her. You wont’s have to feel lost again!

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