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  • How do I know which type of rehabilitation program is suitable for my pet?
    It is recommended to book a Comprehensive Consultation with our therapists. During the session our therapist will advise and discuss with you on what program is most suitable for you and your pet based on the findings during the session. The therapist will then use the information acquired during the consultation to design the most effective and sustainable rehabilitation program for your pet.
  • Do I need a Vet Referral to start my pet on rehabilitation journey?
    It is advisable to obtain a vet referral from your vet so that we can have a better understanding of your pet’s medical condition. The Vet referral form also allows us to work closer with your vet so that we can yield the best results from the therapy. Vet Referrals can be downloaded on our website here.
  • How many sessions will it take before I notice any improvement on my pet?
    Improvements may vary depending on the individual. Age and medical condition contribute to the improvement progress.
  • My pet has been doing rehabilitation at another centre, do I still need to arrange for a Comprehensive Consultation?
    Yes, a Comprehensive Consultation will still be required. Rehabilitation is a very hands-on service. In order for us to maximise the results for the rehabilitation, it is crucial for the therapist to have a feel of your pet’s body.
  • Do you have a physical outlet?
    Optimus Animal Rehabilitation is currently operating on House-call basis. Our dedicated team of therapists will visit you and your beloved pet/s at your convenience.
  • What are the charges like?
    Our charges start at $120 for Ala Carte and $1200 for Packages. The prices varies as we carefully customise the rehabilitation programme for each pet depending on their condition. Give us a call to find out more details!
  • Can I choose the Physiotherapist?
    We will often assign the Therapists to our patients based on their expertise and suitability for each cases. However if you have a preference for which therapist to go for, feel free to let us know! We believe comfort and familiarity is a major factor for healing!
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