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Transporting the patient around can be financially taxing and stressful for the patient, therefore affecting the effectiveness and sustainability of the therapy. Feeling of safety is a huge contribution to healing and there is no environment better at providing that then home.


The therapy session is an artful mix of the multiple therapies available under the umbrella of rehabilitation so our clients do not have to worry about which therapy should they go for.

Qualified Veterinary Tech & Rehab Therapists

Having practical experience in the clinical setting is a basic requirement for our therapists in OAR. This has a huge value add to what we can provide to our clients and the vets that we are working closely with.


We believe that the therapy works best when our clients become the expert of their animal’s body. A big part of our rehab program is to do with empowering our clients with every information and knowledge they need to know about their animal’s body. This contributes to our vision of raising the overall standard for petcare in Singapore.


The bond shared between the client, patient and therapist has a huge part to play in the rehab journey and we do not take it lightly. 1 therapist is assign to look after 1 patient from the start to end. This ensures that our programs are always moulded to suit the patients need at any point in time.

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