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Creating awareness for cat physiotherapy

Updated: May 25, 2020

Does My Cat Need Physiotherapy/Rehabilitation?

Cats are definitely very different from dogs, in terms of the medical condition they are prone to and the way we manage them.

“There has been a misconception that cats will not cooperate during a physiotherapy session. Cat physiotherapy is possible, you just need to make sure it is their idea, not yours.”

Physically, cats are more adaptable, hence structural conditions such as hip dysplasia often does not affect their quality of life as much as the dogs. However, that does not mean that they do not suffer from pain and discomfort at all. The most common reasons to perform physiotherapy in cat patients are generally related to injuries sustained as a result of trauma or joint conditions such as arthritis, vestibular syndrome, spinal conditions and neurodegenerative disease.

What can my cat benefit from rehabilitation?

The benefits of rehabilitation for cats are very similar to dogs, which are:

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Reduce muscle tension, pain and inflammation

  • Increase muscle bulk and strength

  • Improve posture and gait

  • Increase range of motion and flexibility of the soft tissue

  • Reduce anxiety

And the rehabilitation process for cats are also similar to dogs; cold laser therapy, electrotherapy, massage, prescribed exercises and manual therapy. The only difference is that the therapist will adopt a more passive approach as compared to the rehabilitation for dogs.

Cat physiotherapy services are relatively new in Singapore. To find out more on how rehabilitation can benefit your cat, call us!

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