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“It’s difficult to understand why people don’t realize that pets are gifts to mankind.” 


Linda Blair


Optimus Animal Rehabilitation started out as a house-call physiotherapy service for but not limited to dogs, cats, rabbits and horses. That is because we believe therapy should be done at where the animal is most comfortable, that is their very own home.

We provide non-invasive methods to stimulate the body's healing mechanism and instead of intervening, we simply support the animal's body to heal.


Many pet owners in Singapore have a busy schedule which makes it difficult for them to commit to the wellness of their animals. And because of that, many of them do not reap the full benefits of rehabilitation. Coupled with the belief that every animal deserves to feel the best in the body that is gifted to them, Optimus Animal Rehabilitation is committed to make rehabilitation a smooth and fulfilling journey for our clients, ultimately to improve the quality of life for both the pet owners and their animals.

As the name suggests, Optimus Animal Rehabilitation aims to optimise, that is to make the best out of all the animals that come to us.

Given a proven track of successful rehabilitation for animals, we are confident and we take pride in the services we provide to our clients.



Andy Yeo

Animal Rehabilitation Therapist

"Animals has given us so much and it is our duty to take good care of their health and help them live a pain-free life so as to maximise this beautiful yet limited time they have with us."

Fueled by his passion for animals since young, Andy enjoys working with animals and has been working at animal rehabilitation industry(dog hydrotherapy) since 2012. He has been loyal to this industry because of his strong belief in using the natural approach instead of the prolonged use of drugs due to its side effects.

He believes that this industry chose him as much as he chose it because of his expressed interest in providing competent and compassionate care for the animals. Seeing his efforts come through when the animals who were once immobile, are now able to run and jump with joy and the smiles of the owner's face every time they talk about the amazing recovery of their fur kids, are what strengthens his desire to continue to help and improve the quality of their lives. And as a young individual, Andy is constantly seeking to improve his craft so that he can give the best to the pet owners who entrusts their precious pets to him. 

Given the years that he has been in the animal rehabilitation industry, he has seen how it has greatly impacted many animals and their guardian's lives and he believes that every pets and their pet owners deserves to receive the value that rehabilitation can bring to their life. Hence he see it as his personal mission to spread the importance of rehabilitation to every pet owners starting from Singapore.


He also believes that in rehabilitation, both the welfare of the animals and human must be well taken care of in order to create a sustainable program. 

  • Diploma in Veterinary Technology, Temasek Polytechnic

  • Diploma in Animal Physiotherapy with merit, in The College of Animal Physiotherapy, UK

Zu Shin

Animal Rehabilitation Therapist

“We physiotherapists, work with brain of a scientist, heart of a humanist and hands of an artist”

From a young age, Zu Shin was introduced to different animal species; from the common cats and dogs to more exotic animals like chickens and hedgehogs. Zu Shin is specially grateful for her father who has nurtured her to be loving and understanding towards the sanctity of life.

She always believe that living a pain-free life is the key to a high quality life and it allows animals to get the best out of what life has to offer. 

As a Veterinary Technician and an Animal Rehab Therapist, Zu Shin has seen how pain can cause our pets to have difficulties performing the basic activities that gives meaning to their lives; from walking to their potty area, eating and drinking to greeting their mummy and daddy. She believes no animals deserve to live a life like this and this fuels Zu Shin's desire to pursue the animal rehabilitation industry so that she can have the arsenal to help animals live a better quality of life.

During her rehabilitation sessions, Zu Shin prioritises the comfort of the animal hence she always puts in her heart to empathise with how the animal feel during the session as this allows her to customise her program in a way that is best catered to the animal's willingness and comfort. How Zu Shin puts her heart and soul into every rehab session can be felt not just by the humans that are in the room with her, but also the animals that are in her care.


What drives her hunger to excel in the animal rehabilitation industry is not just the lovely kisses from the animals, but also the smiles of the owners, and the fulfillment that comes from seeing how the animals and their guardian's lives have improved over time. 

  • Diploma in Veterinary Technology, Temasek Polytechnic